A year in the making

For those of you who do not know what I do, I am only two months away from showing you. I have been building a brand new website for Extreme. It has been long and tiring, but we have just entered into the testing phase of the site. This means that almost all of the functionality of the site is there, but there are those little bugs that can be so hard for some to find, and for others they find them after looking at the site for 30 seconds. I am really excited to finally have something tangible, that I can show people what I do here for Extreme Nazarene.

Don’t worry about me not having enough to do after we launch. I not only have several other components to the website that I will be working to add on to the website, but I also will be working on building a new iPhone application that our 40/40  church planters will use. Lots of great things are and will be happening.

In other news we have our Antofagasta team that was training here in Quito will be leaving this week to do a 30 day intensive training with the Church in Cali, Columbia. (Just for those who don’t know it is the largest Nazarene church with about 14,000 members.) After this training they will be off to Antofagasta, Chili where they will be planting a new church.

Krista is also still prepping for her short-term trip that will be her in 10 days.


Author: Justin

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