When Plans Change

About a month ago, my world was expanded. Within these changes, I added onto my role within Extreme Nazarene. I am now the short-term coordinator for Ecuador. Meaning that I help lead and implement short-term trips to Ecuador (as well as my other nursing duties). Looking back on things this is not what I expected, but I am excited about what the future holds.

I talk a lot about how my life here in Ecuador possibly does not reflect what most people think of a missionary’s life. Contrary to popular belief, I do not take canoes to work, sleep in a hammock or use a machete. Though last Tuesday, was one of the most cultural and amazing experiences I have had. A few leaders from my organization and I traveled to Otavalo to meet up with some pastors who will be involved in the upcoming short-term project.

Next thing I know, 9 of us are squeezed into 6-person car and traveling down the rural roads of Northern Ecuador. That day, we together visited three different rural churches that will be benefitted by the work God has already planned for us.  Each pastor shared with us his or her church history and their dreams for the future. Their dreams to build classrooms for the children expand upon their church, maintain a general store in the church compound and so on. It was beautiful to hear and to share that experience with them and their hope for the future. I can say God totally blessed me that day in not only the opportunity but in the miracle in that my Spanish held up and I was able to communicate and understand, which at times can still be a challenge.

So please, join my team and me in prayer as we prepare to receive a team from the US. Pray that we will join together in unity in Christ and do his work in these three wonderful churches. Pray for the church members in these three churches as they pray to receive us.


Author: Krista

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  1. Vicki, thank you so much for your prayer for us and what is going on in Ecuador. It is super awesome that you all have a prayer service at 5 am!

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  2. Krista, excited for you and your expanded role. Will be praying for the team arriving from the States and the work that God has prepared for all of you and these churches in Ecuador. Will definitely be lifting you all up during our Tuesday 5am prayer time here in Westerville.

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