We Found Korean Food

Yes that is right, we found real legit Korean food in Quito Ecuador. Krista was starting to get tired of the same old, same old, and just when we were about done with some of Ecuadorian food, God led us to find this awesome Korean restaurant that tastes just like we were back in Korea. Yes, although their is only 1 type of pepper here, Aji, somehow she is able to make her dishes taste just like they do in Korea.

It is when we find places like the Korean family that runs the restaurant that we thank God for the uniqueness of each and every person he has put on this planet. The vast differences in this world keep  things interesting and remind us of God’s enormous imagination. He has such great plans for each of his unique children, like move a Korean family to Ecuador for a job opportunity and set up a Korean restaurant to bless the people of Quito, and especially two young missionaries from the States that really love Korean food! Although they might think we are blessing them by buying Korean food, they are really blessing us. Sometimes I think we can be a blessing to others with just  how different we are, and what those differences bring to the table.

Thank you God for making each of us unique!



Author: Justin

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