Top Ten Things Learned in Ecuador

Top Ten Things We Have Learned While in Ecuador

1. Where the toilet paper is

I learned this lesson the hard way.  Let’s just say that the toilet paper in a public restroom is not located in the stall.  It is actually located at the front door and you take your portion before you get into a stall.  Oops.

2. How to light a match without burning myself

Okay to be honest I have not quite figured this one out yet.

3  How much groceries we can carry home from the store (including water)

The answer to this is seven bags, one back pack full of groceries, and two huge six liter bottles of water.


4. Do not eat ceviche at the mall at night

I think what happened on this one is pretty self explanatory.


Ceviche; is a seafood dish. Typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime.

5. Don’t forget to do the laundry

We have a two hour laundry slot every Wednesday and we have five alarms to remind us or else…I guess we would be waiting until next Wednesday.

6. Exercising is not as easy anymore

We did not really notice the elevation change at first.  We thought we adjusted pretty well and then we decided to try and start working out.

7. The water guy may not come on Tuesday…or Wednesday…or Thursday

We decided it was difficult trekking up the hill with water so for $2 every week and the purchase of a dispenser we thought it would be worth it to have it delivered.  We thought the water guy comes on Tuesdays, but apparently this week it was Friday night and we were out so we will be carrying our water up the hill tomorrow.

8. Spanish…

Justin usually says things like he has a man instead of he is hungry (Tengo hombre instead of tengo hambre) and a couple of other inappropriate things, but I think we are learning.

9. How many people can fit on a bus

Not sure the exact number to this one, but our answer is way more than you think.

Buses of Quito

10. Quito is by far the most beautiful city we have had the pleasure to live in


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