The Last Time Game

While in Houston, Justin and I began playing what we call the “last time game”. So as we were counting down the days until we left for not only Ecuador, but left Texas, we would say to ourselves this is probably the last time in the United States that we do this. Or better yet, the next time we do this we will be in a different country or a different state.

So here is the beginnings of our game.

This could be the last time we take communion in the United States. We said this to each other as we took our last communion in our church in Houston. We took communion there every Sunday, but that was not the case in either of our home churches in Idaho or California. Since then I think we have taken communion three times, so we were not quite right there.

The last time we went to the movies…Here in Idaho we saw “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Probably not the best last movie to watch in an American theatre.

Yesterday was the last time we attended College Church for possibly the next two years.

The last time we ate a meal in our apartment in Houston: We said this twice, the first time was the dinner before we left when we ate sushi from the grocery store while sitting on camping chairs. The next day before we left we ate Subway. Justin sat on the kitchen counter while drinking out of our lemonade pitcher.

The last time to eat Vietnamese food…We said that as we went to this amazing hole in the wall place in downtown Houston. We couldn’t resist though and I am pretty sure we went back for more a few days later. I hope Quito has some Vietnamese food or bubble tea.

Hopefully the last time we drive halfway across the U.S. in a UHaul or Penske truck.

There are many other last times and I am sure many other items to include on this list.


Author: Krista

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