Sleeping on the Floor

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, phone calls and emotions. Justin turned in his two weeks notice and this past week was his first week unemployed. Though I doubt you can consider him unemployed, because he stayed busy between doing some web designing, selling our possessions and trying to figure out our Visa situation. I on the other hand still have one more week of work left and could not be more excited! I think we are both getting anxious and excited to move. We only have a few things left to do before we can say goodbye to Texas and say hello to Ecuador.

We are both super excited to start this new adventure and to see and experience what God has in store for us, but right now the
preparations are part of the journey. Yesterday we sold our bedroom set IMG_20140705_155225961_HDRand our couches to a lovely family. We were excited to get rid of them and in fact it just felt like a load off our chests. Even though it may seem small, it was one less thing that we had to accomplish before we left. Now we are being adventurous and I guess a bit frugal, but these are the pics of what our apartment now looks like now…


IMG_20140705_155231982 (1)We have now spent our first night on the floor and it was not to bad.  We have about seven blankets underneath us along with our backpacking mats.  Our friends told us we would wake up and immediately walk across the street to Target and buy an air mattress, but so far not to bad.  Progress wise, we have packed our first box to go to Nampa and only have a few things left to sell.  Before we leave here, we have to sell our 2013 Honda Civic (So if you are interested…hint, hint) but besides that we are hoping everything else fits in one UHaul for the long haul across the country.  Justin has supposedly posted the car on “sixty” websites…I think it is more like fifteen.

As far as prayer goes, please continue to pray for us:

  • Pray that I (Krista) will finish strong in this last week at work
  • We sell the car
  • We can fit everything into the one UHaul that we rented
  • Packing goes smoothly
  •  Fundraising starts picking up

Author: Krista

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  1. It was so nice to see you in Texas last week. Please resend me the snail mail address so I can send out my contribution. Aunt Cynthia

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    • It was nice seeing you and part of your family as well. I am so glad you got to meet Justin. I am glad you had a safe trip home. You can send checks to:

      Extreme Nazarene
      4800 W. Fairview Ave.
      Boise, Idaho 83706

      Please make the check out to Extreme Nazarene with the memo – (For Kellerer Family with Extreme Nazarene)

      Let me know if you need any further help.

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