How do we play with God

The sermon today was about fathers and their children. One of the pastor’s points was that a father should play games with his kids. That got me thinking about how do we as children of God “play” with our heavenly father. The definition of play is: “to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”.  As our Heavenly father, could there be a way to worship God and spend time that is not just serious or practical?

This is a good reminder for me that spending time with my heavenly Father does not always have to be serious. I can have fun and enjoy in the activity of worship. I like to think that God enjoys some of my goofiness when I make jokes and play around. God created me with a humorous spirit, and why couldn’t I spend “serious time” as well as “play time” with him? Too often I think I view God as this 100% serious, and forget that as my father wouldn’t He want to play with me just as my father did growing up?

Maybe another way we play with our heavenly father is in the moments where we are playing and fellowshipping with others in Christ. Maybe in these moments God is laughing and playing along with usas we are laughing and smiling.

Anyways, what ways do you think you play with your heavenly Father?


Update: Last week Krista was sick with a sinus infection, but now she is back to being her healthy self. For me, we have moved beyond wireframing the new website for Extreme and are starting to design the look and feel of what it will look like. Krista has been looking through all of the medical forms and making sure she has a good grasp of how she can be available for everyone here in Extreme.

On a less serious note, we ate at a Korean restaurant this week, which was a nice treat. We have been mostly eating our own cooking and Ecuadorian food over the past month, so this was a nice break from the usual soup, rice, beans and meat lunches that we usually have.

Korean Food


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