On the Road Again

Two days ago on Thursday we began our adventure. We picked up our Penske truck that included a trailer for our car and loaded it up. We bought a sixteen foot truck because it was the smallest with towing capabilities and found out quickly that we had an ample amount of room to work with. It only took us a few hours to load up our stuff (this is because I convinced Justin to splurge on a dolly). We were blessed because right after we loaded up most of the boxes including Justin’s precious television it started raining. When I say “raining”, I really mean it was pouring.

We finished loading everything after the rain, cleaned the apartment, turned in our keys and connected the trailer to the truck. It is always difficult to say goodbye, but we did say goodbye to some good friends Ash and Mandy before we left Houston. By then it was almost eight o’ clock in the evening and we were finally ready to start our journey (after I ran into Subway to use the restroom). We then drove to Dallas where we got a super great Priceline deal on a nice hotel and slept on a real bed for the first time in two weeks. This was quite amazing by the way.

My mother will vouch for me when I say I am not to much of a morning person so we have gotten a late start so far every day. We drove all day Thursday stopping along route 66 to see an old Conoco gas station and driving by the world’s largest McDonald’s. We were very disappointed it was closed for construction. Justin was upset that we bypassed the world’s largest totem pole to save on time, but we are currently in route to the world’s largest concrete tepee in order to make up for that.

Last night, we were blessed to stay with Eric and Paula’s good friends Dawn and Terry Lawson. Once again it was nice to sleep in a real bed and for me to actually meet them after hearing so many stories.
As for the rest of our 30 plus hour road trip we are maybe 1/3 of the way finished. We left Texas, drove through Oklahoma and stayed in Kansas. Now we are on our way to Loveland, Colorado where we will be staying with Justin’s grandparents. We will take Sunday off to spend some time there and then finish off the last leg to Idaho on Tuesday! So far God has blessed us with safety and good travels. We have kept ourselves occupied with audiobooks and lucky for me Justin enjoys driving.

Thank you for everyone who has kept us in their prayers. For everyone who is following our blog from Houston we are going to miss you all very much. We were sad to leave, but excited to start this next part of our lives. It was a great two years in a wonderful city and we are sad to leave all the friendships we had behind.


Author: Krista

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