Next Time in Ecuador

Two months ago, nearly to the day I worked my last day in Houston, Texas.  A week later, Justin and I had packed up a huge truck, with a car being towed on the back and headed north. We have packed our bags and tomorrow we will be headed to the airport.  We are flying out of San Francisco with a five hour layover in Mexico City and then we will arrive in Quito at 5:30 am.  

We have been blessed to get this far.  We even were able to leave California in style and take a side trip to Yosemite yesterday (pictures to come). A lot of last minute planning and packing, but we hope we are ready to leave.  Everyone keeps asking us how we are feeling and I think at this point we are unsure.  Super excited to be going to Ecuador and after months of preparation we will actually be at our destination.  

So next time you hear from us, we will probably be in a different country.  Luckily for us, we should not be jet lagged considering we will be going back to Central time which is the same as Houston.  Thank you again for everyone who has been in prayer for us.  If you read this in time, pray that everything goes well tomorrow at the airport, through customs and that we arrive safely.  Right away, we will be starting language school so continue to pray for us as we learn Spanish!IMG_20140909_180553574


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