About Extreme Nazarene

Extreme Nazarene is a non profit organization ran through the Nazarene church. At this moment, the organization’s outreach is labeled “Extreme South America” with its reach being in Peru, Paraguay, Columbia, Ecuador and soon Argentina.

“The mission of Extreme South America is to mobilize 80 pairs of 40/40™ Church Planters and hundreds of workers supporting 40/40™ to plant vibrant churches that make 100’s of disciples in 16 major metropolitan cities of South America (extremenazarene.org).”

Through the work of the missionaries both short term and long term in South America, Extreme Nazarene has set up short term medical clinics, multiple Vacation Bible Schools, churches, and more.

Visit: www.extremenazarene.org/About.aspx for more information

About Justin’s Position

Justin’s title will be Software Programming Coordinator for Extreme Nazarene. In this position he will be responsible for web development of the main website as well as supporting technologies and resources for pastors and missionaries all over South America.

About Krista’s Position

Krista’s title will be a well-being/medical coordinator for Extreme Nazarene. In her position, she will be working with the well-being team to care for all missionaries in the field for Extreme Nazarene. The second part of her position will be to help to coordinate short term medical clinics throughout South America. For the most part this is a new and exciting role with Extreme Nazarene and Krista is very excited to be a part of this growing organization. She is excited to do something she is passionate about and be part of at team that shares the same passion.