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Well this week has been a new first. I got sick this week along with everyone else on campus except Krista. Luckily I only missed one day of classes and it was just a minor cold. We are still learning like crazy and we even had to start a weekend journal that is in Spanish.   Not bad for a guy that didn’t know any Spanish 20 days ago. Yesterday we were even able to make a trip to the Middle of the world (Midad de Mundo) and check out the sites. For the hour bus ride it only cost us $0.60 , which is my type of deal.  It was our first adventure on the buses here in Quito and I would have to say quite successful.  It was a great morning trip and the weather was beautiful.  Oh and by the way my lunch in the picture below only cost  me $2.80 (That is actually 80 cents over budget, but for a tourist area we thought it was pretty good).  We wanted to try some cuy (guinea pig) but it was $26 dollars a plate so maybe next time.

View from the top of the monument.

View from the top of the monument.


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  1. Maybe for your birthday Krista will take you out for guinea pig. Let us know what it takes like- maybe a cross between a guinea hen and a porcine!!

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