Looking Forward

Justin and I have been for the most part working in the office for the past few months. Sure, I leave my desk for the occasional emergency or doctor’s appointment, but for the most part we have been pretty comfortable and able to enjoy the schedules of an 8-5 job (Nothing is really 8-5 with missions). I have been organizing and planning short-term medical missions. That is all about to change this next week as we start to get a lot busier.

On Saturday, Justin and I will be heading up to Ibarra for five days while the cluster coordinators are on vacation. This will mostly be to help out around the house while they are both gone, but also a time for me to do some research on the city of Ibarra and get to know the 40/40s better.

This summer, we will have multiple short-term missions’ trip to Ibarra, Ecuador to help the community there as well as help the church grow. One of these trips will of course be medical, which I am super excited about. Before that trip though, I will also be participating in other short-term trips.

So on Saturday, we leave for Ibarra and we will return on Thursday when both of my parents are flying in to Quito to visit! They will be visiting for 10 days and we will have a chance to show them all the sites that we love here in Ecuador. As well as get in a bit of a vacation in before all the craziness begins. It will be a great opportunity for them to see and experience the culture here. When they leave we will also be getting on a plane and instead heading towards Cali, Colombia where we will be immersed in the Master’s Plan training for two weeks. We will then be returning to Quito just in time for the first short-term mission trip of the summer!

Please keep us in your prayers, as these next few months will include a lot of traveling. Justin will be working a lot throughout his travels on both Extreme’s website as well as a phone application. For the most part, these next few summer months will mean a lot of mobility, which I am excited about.

On a side note, I have started writing a little bit for Extreme’s blog.  If you are interested in reading here is a link to our newest article: Ibarra Celebrates One Year of Work.


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