Language Study to Life Study

This weekend marked the end for many other students on campus as they graduated and are headed back to their home cities and countries. The past two months have been filled with getting to know these seminary students and just being blessed by them and their patience with us learning this language.  Many of them will return next semester for their “bacheleroto” but a few others graduated for good and it was sad to see them leave.  It was a blessing to be able to attend their graduation.

We are also nearing the end of our time in Spanish class and here on the seminary campus. We will continue to study Spanish until December 12th, and then we will be done with that part of this journey.  The real work will then just be beginning.  We will also be moving off of the seminary campus and into our very own apartment. We are currently in the final stages of working out a contract for what we hope to be our new apartment, so please pray for us in that.  It is a little scary signing a lease in a foreign country.

We are also very blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with a group of Extreme missionaries and a short term team that is currently in Ambato just three hours away from us. We are planning to go down on Wednesday and spend Thanksgiving working with the team on outreach projects and sharing thanksgiving with others.

We are very excited to be moving from just learning the language, which is a necessity, to moving into learning and working in our roles.

We continue to thank each and everyone that has prayed and supported us in this endeavor and hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Author: Justin

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