Krista is working hard

Krista has been working hard keeping a short term team busy working and building. The team is getting pretty tired and they only have another day of work so pray that they can finish strong. I wanted to share with you their latest blog post from the trip and if you are interested, you can read up on more  of the trip’s experience on the extreme blog:



We are wall builders, and sanctuary painters, shovelers, wheel barrow operators and sandwich makers, tool keepers, floor moppers and candy distributors, pray-ers, share-ers, and friend-makers.

We continued our work. The church in Quichinche asked us to build a wall to improve their building’s security and refresh the sanctuary and the outdoor entrance.

We filled the church with powerful prayers for individuals and for the entire church, for their growth and for challenges they face, encircling them. Then the circle turned inside out as they prayed for us. How this must have pleased our Father, all these children praying together for His Kingdom.



Author: Justin

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  1. What a blessing it is to read your blogs and hearing what the Lord is doing in your life and others-thank you for sharing!

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  2. Praying for the team and for both of you! What a great opportunity! I am assuming you will cook for a week to give Krista a break when she returns.

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