Happenings in Extreme

As you heard in our last blog  post there are some wonderful things that have been happening in Ambato with the church  there.  The team of 40/40’s who began that church in Ambato  are currently in the final steps of transferring leadership and making sure that the church in Ambato has the right leaders in the right places to continue their growth. The group that has been there for over two years is set to leave in February. The three Ecuadorian members of the team have committed to another two years joining the mobilization team finding other South Americans to go and plant churches as 40/40 missionaries. The four Americans also have decided to sign another two year contract and are all joining the mobilization team in Idaho. They will be responsible for finding other 40/40 Americans that are wanting to join the mission.

Our team in Ibarra, Ecuador is still on the front end of their work and the devil has been not making it easy. We  just had a member get surgery here in Quito to remove an apple sized  growth from his neck. Next week we should find out more of the extent.  Please keep him in your prayers and his family as he is receiving medical care here in Ecuador.

We have made good friends with the leaders of the new group  that will be going to Cordoba, Argentina. Their whole team will be arriving January 8th here in Quito. The American team will be studying Spanish and the group of Argentinians will be here studying in the seminary classes. It is a very exciting time for Extreme as they are expanding the first group into Argentina.  Please also keep in your prayers for the church in Ambato as construction has been stopped due to some red tape.

In our lives we are entering into the last week of Spanish classes and very excited to be getting ready to put what we have learned into  more practice  in our jobs.  We have a break in December and are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas abroad as well as getting to know Ecuador a little bit more.


Author: Justin

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