Great Idea turned into endless Walk

Last year we were working with Big Brother Big Sister, which is a great program that pairs adults with a young child that are in need of a mentor, and we decided to take our “little brother” on a hike. This was to be the first ever hiking trip for this  eight year old.  When we picked him up from his apartment he was full of energy and excited.   We had a found what seemed to be the only place in Texas with trees, Sam Houston National Forest, and we thought we had found a great little loop.

WARNING SIGN 1 was in the parking lot, where we were there was only one other car. Since we had been familiar with isolated hiking in Idaho and California we thought nothing of it and continued on our trek.

WARNING SIGN 2 was at our lunch break as we had been pushing through the trail in which it was obvious that no one had used in a while. We decided to push on and keep going thinking it was only a 5-6 mile hike as described online and we were clearly at the third mile marker.

GOOGLE MAPS FAILED US as I determined we were only roughly half way done at mile marker five I identified a trial that lead to Hidden Lake and would cut off 2-3 miles from our journey. Our little brother was beginning to run out of steam very quickly and we decided to take a path at a sign marked “HL” pointing to what I though was Hidden Lake. We took the path only to find out about a half mile down that trial it deadened and we had to go back to our original trail and continue the long trek.

OVER 10 MILES and 7 HOURS later we realized our mistake and the border-line abuse we put our little through. The only way we were able to convince our little to keep walking was by playing a game to see who could spot the next path marker, which lasted for 5 of the last 6 miles.




Author: Justin

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