No Hablo Español

Yesterday marked one week since we have been in Ecuador.  This week has been a whirlwind and feels like a month.  We started Spanish classes on Monday and our vocabulary has grown immensely.  There are waves of frustration and excitement as we are continually learning Spanish.  We thought we were going to be receiving individual one one one lessons, but like many things on the mission field, you have to be flexible to do whatever. 

We entered into a class that had already been learning for three weeks and in order to catch up, we have a tutoring session in the evenings.  This has been a new and exciting challenge for us and sometimes a little overwhelming, so keep us in your prayers about Spanish school.  Even though we cannot quite understand everything that is going on in class (la profesora no habla íngles – the professor does not speak English) we still feel like we are learning very quickly.  

If you are wondering what we do in our spare time, the answer is study and do the homework. We go to our first class from 8:30 in the morning until 12:30 and then we have a break before our tutoring session at 4:30.  On Fridays the class goes on field trips, so we went on our first field trip today and went to two local markets, which was amazing.  We were able to see all sorts of fruits and vegetables that we had never seen before. We also were able to buy tons of fresh fruits and vegetables.   The picture below is of the first market we went to.  According to the professor it was to expensive to buy anything so we waited  until we were at the huge outdoor market.  Sorry we do not have any pictures of the outdoor market because we were to busy purchasing fruits and vegetables.

The Fruit Market


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