Final Push

As we do a test run of packing today, it hits me that a week from Thursday, we will be in Ecuador. If all goes to plan on September 10th, we will get on Aero Mexico at 1:30 pm out of San Francisco, take a four and half hour flight to Mexico City where we will have a 5 hour layover. At one in the morning we will fly out of Mexico City to arrive in Quito, Ecuador at 5:30 am on Thursday September 11th. That will be the first day of our two year commitment, first time in South America, and the first time living at 9,350 feet (2,800 meters).

We have come so far and have meet with so many people over the last two months and it is a miracle that we have raised 86% of our funds already in such a short time.


Some Prayers for us this upcoming week:

  • Raise the last portion of our funds to get us to 100% funded.
  • Finalize all of our obligations here in the states.
  • Traveling mercies.

Author: Justin

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