Cold Showers and Needed Prayers

On Wednesday April 22nd, Justin and I landed in sunny Cali, Colombia. Unlike Quito, the climate of Cali feels much more like what people think about South America in that it is hot and humid. Colombia is home to the world’s largest Nazarene Church named the “House of Prayer” or “Casa de Oracion”.   Here we both were able to attend separate encounters (one for women and one for men) as well as take classes on the Master’s Plan and Spiritual Disciplines.

For the most part, every morning we have woken up around 5:30 and have until 8:00 am breakfast to do our morning devotions and exercise. On Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays it is a little different in that we have early morning prayer or fasting services at the church.   Afterwards, class is from 9:30-12:30ish and then the rest of the afternoon is used to read, do homework and for me catch up on sleep. Two weeks went by incredibly fast.

At the end of the two weeks, I still find myself here in Colombia while Justin is traveling to the States for his sister’s graduation. I had planned originally to fly back to Quito with Justin but we decided it would be better to stay here in Cali. Timing wise, I ended up having two post operative patients here in Cali. The day, I arrived here, my teacher’s mother Hilda fell and broke her hip. She was quickly discharged from the hospital after surgery and I have been helping care for her here at the house I am staying at. Since I have been here she has been making fantastic strides and overall is doing well. She requests your prayers as the next few months will be difficult for her and she is still in quite a bit of pain. A few months ago one of the 40/40s fell in Quito injuring her knee. In the midst of the recovery process she re-injured her knee tearing her ACL. Because of timing, she flew to Cali for training and was able to have surgery done here. She had surgery about a week ago and will have a long year ahead of her filled with rehab.

On Monday, I will be traveling back to Quito and warm showers! I am excited to sleep in my own bed since it has been over a month of hotels, air mattresses and other people’s beds. I am sad to leave the Codoba team as I have made some great friends and especially sad to leave the Bidwell family who is their cluster coordinators. Celeste and Hilda will continue recovering here without me. I will have two days in Quito at the office where I will be catching up on paperwork and preparing for the short term team that arrives on Wednesday. Wednesday night, I will be headed back to Ibarra with 29 college students from Olivet and Trevecca Nazarene Universities for the next two weeks.

Please Pray for:

  1. Hilda as she recovers from surgery and gains back her mobility and strength. For her daughter Sandra as she takes on the responsibility for caring for her mother after an extensive surgery.
  2. Celeste who is a member of the Cordoba 40/40 team who had ACL surgery here in Cali last week. For a speedy recovery and good health.
  3. The short term college team who will be arriving on Wednesday. For safe travels, impactful and meaningful events as well as the language barrier.
  4. The Cordoba 40/40 team who is finishing up training in the next 10 days and then heading to Argentina to plant a church. Pray for safe travels for all of them and that their adjustment to Argentina goes smoothly.



Author: Krista

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