Cali, Columbia – Re-calibration

For the last week and a half Krista and I have had the wonderful opportunity to be in Cali, Columbia learning and experiencing more of God and His presence in my life. We are attending and learning about the Master’s Plan from the largest church in the Nazarene denomination, and the largest church in Columbia with more than 14,000 members.  This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in one of their encounter weekends. It is a retreat for new members and new believers. The idea behind the weekend is to provide a time for people to not only find God, but understand the next steps in their relationship with God.

It was a powerful time for me to cry out to God and to grow in my relationship with Him. I think although each message was very well done, the thing that I needed the most was just a solid 2 days of constant, prayer, praise, and devotion to reset my focus on God. (Just so you all know, just because we are missionaries, does not mean we are prefect and are always calibrated into God’s desires) For both of us our time here in Cali has been a great opportunity to re-calibrate and refocus on why and who called us to South America. For me the biggest reminder was that I have not been daily asking the Holy Spirit to come into my life and fill me. It has something I have taken for granted that I have asked God into my life and therefore am good, but the reality is that it is a daily request or even more than that to ask for God to be in my life fully and walk with me through my decisions and tasks.

Whats Next:

I am actually coming back to Nampa for Mekaela’s graduation next week and will be working from the States. Krista, however will not be able to join me this time. She will be participating in a short-term mission trip that is in Ibarra. There will be some minor medical aspects on the trip that she will be involved in.  She has also opted to stay in Colombia a week longer to take care of some team members and their medical situations, so she will be returning to Quito a few days before the first short term team of the season arrives.

Prayer :

  • Pray for traveling mercies for both of us
  • Pray for success in the short term trip (May 14-26)
  • Pray for the Cordoba, Argentina team as the are in training with us here in Cali, Colombia

Author: Justin

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