Siete Hijos y Pascua (Seven Children and Easter)

Saturday, we arrived late afternoon in Ibarra, Ecuador after a scenic bus ride through the mountains.  Jeremías greeted us by saying, “Ustedes tienen siete hijos”  Translated as you both now have seven children.  Far from being children, we are actually here in Ibarra hanging out with a group of 40/40s while the family who lives and serves with them are in the USA on vacation.

Ibarra is a smaller city of 139,00 and like a lot of cities here located at the foot of yet another volcano (Imabura).  Do not worry the elevation here is only 7,300 so we are breathing quite well.

Saturday night, we went to a local park with the Ibarra group and watched as they put on the Jesus’ film and a drama afterwards.  Many new contacts were gained from the event.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful and passionate Easter service here in Ibarra.  Seven different people took the pulpit to preach on the seven last words of Jesus.  Once again, the seats were full as both services were combined into one for Easter.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a very American Easter lunch at the 40/40 house consisting of chicken, baked beans, potato and Caesar salads.

We are sorry for the late entry.  This next two weeks, we will probably not be sending out blogs in that we will be taking a vacation with the Webster family here in Ecuador.  As far as prayer needed, please be in prayer for our upcoming travels and for the safety of family traveling.  Be praying for us as we are here in Ibarra with the 40/40s.  Please keep them in their prayers as they had a busy week last week with Easter and many other church events.  Keep them in your prayers that they will have rest and be rejuvenated for the weeks and months to come.


Here are some of the pictures we took from the Good Friday procession of the Cucuruchos.


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