What in the World is 4 AM Prayer!

Tuesday’s 4 Am prayer comes around every seven days and with it a reminder that we are part of a bigger mission here in South America. We often have the opportunity to pray, worship and share with the pastor of our local church, the future pastors and leaders of the Nazarene church that attend the seminary, along with fellow members of Extreme Nazarene who are in Quito. The power of a group of 10-15 people calling out to God, seeking guidance, and asking God to use them in the upcoming week is amazing.

During  our prayers we focus on several things that range from government leaders, personal growth, and the development disciples within our lives. Often it is a two hour progressive prayer that builds on  itself. We start with personal prayers, and slowly move outward to our groups, to our community, and to those we may not even know. Although I may not always agree with the time of day, I do find that it is a very crucial part of the success of our ministry. Praying in groups for continued growth and protection is very powerful and not only connects  each one of us closer with God, but closer to each other and our mission.

These prayers are also something that each of our church plants have and open to their congregation to pray for growth and further discipleship with in their church. This prayer time often unifies the administrative team with our churches as we are praying with one mission in mind, to facilitate God’s will here in South America and making disciples.

I also wanted to share some more animated GIFS and videos that I shot last weekend in Ibarra.


Author: Justin

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  1. How exciting to hear from you regularly and see how God is working through you and what you have been involved with and accomplished in such a short time. Praying for good health so you both can continue to serve God. Betty and Gene

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    • Thanks Betty and Gene for your prayers and support. It has been a great blessing to have so much support as we are following and being lead by God.

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