21 Unique Facts About US!

We wanted to share a little about our quirks and interests. I am sure most of the items you have already known about us, but maybe you will learn a few new things about us.

21. We both love to hike. (Just not in Texas…) – Read more about that

20. Krista is on team Apple.

19. Justin is on team PC… for now.


18. We have both taught English in South Korea. Different summers though.


17. Justin lived in Thailand from age 2-7.

16. Krista has had many interesting jobs one being picking blue berries for a summer.

15. Justin is proficient in 4 languages…JQuery, HTML, CSS and PHP.  (None of which are Spanish)

14. Krista Loves to watch sports on television.

13. Justin very much dislikes watching sports on television.

12. Justin’s Favorite color is Green.

11. Krista’s Favorite color is Turquoise.

10. We got married on the day the world was supposed to end… (May 21, 2011)

Read the funny posts on our save the date Youtube video.

9. In their first year of marriage, Krista had 3 different state driver’s licenses.

8. Justin is exactly 1′ 3” taller than Krista to answer the question everyone always asks.

7. Justin has been to 21 countries and counting. None of which are in South America.


6. Justin spent three weeks using a bicycle with no seat in South Korea… Had to be very careful to not impale myself.

5. Justin has spent over 40 hours on a train ride in China from Chengdu to Hong Kong. Only survived on Ramen noodles.

4. Krista went to South Korea for three months and only brought $100.

3. This will be Justin and Krista’s 4th move since being married.  IDAHO->TEXAS->TEXAS->ECUADOR

2. Krista’s number one vow to Justin was that she would never vacuum… Three years later, she is still going strong.

1. Both Justin and Krista have never broken a bone.  (We both drank our milk I guess)


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  1. 40 hours on a train. NEVER again! At least not on the hard sleeper

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  2. 22. Justin once watched 7 season of Big Bang Theory in one semester. Every episode included a snack.

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