12 Most Recent Blessings

  1. God finds the opportunity for us

    We were so busy looking and worrying about the right opportunity to serve, and God took care of it. Not only did Extreme Nazarene reach out to us, but we never even thought about them as a possibility. It was not until they started sharing what they were doing and what needs they had did we realize that God had been preparing us for Extreme Nazarene.

  2. Unexpected people

    Random people that we did not even know or think about reaching out to, have been supporting us and donating. It has been very humbling and good for us spiritually to rely on God 100% to get over the main barriers to get to Ecuador.

  3. Car sells for more than we owe

    We had originally only thought we would be doing some sort of mission work for six months, so when our car broke down in December we bought a brand new Honda Civic. We have been blessed that we were not only to sell it for what we owed on it, but had a little extra pocket money to walk away with it.

  4. People giving more than we could ever anticipate

    When we realized that we had to fundraise our support we started figuring numbers and estimating what we might get, and only thought we could get to 50%. We knew at that point that this would have to be a God thing, and it has been. People have been blessing us and showing their support for our mission to South America and just showering us with love.

  5. Opportunity to see friends and family

    Not only did we get to see both our families, but because of Chad and Chelsea’s wedding we got to see some friends that we would not have got to see otherwise.

    Chad and Chelsea
  6. Number of people praying and loving on us

  7. Selling all our furniture to one family

    We were very blessed to not only sell all of our furniture to one family, but it was nice that they were also a wonderful Christian couple doing campus ministry for a college in Houston.

  8. Safe travels with an expired tag and a car with 213,000

    We had purchased our new registration tag for a vehicle like normal, because we knew we were going to be driving our old Honda Accord around until September, but it did not come to us in the mail before we left. So we made it through driving to Idaho, driving around Idaho for three weeks, and down here to California without getting pulled over. It has is a great blessing that our car with 213,000 which creeks a lot made it this far.

  9. Finally seeing mountains

    After being in Houston, Texas and not seeing any mountains, it is wonderful to finally see some scenery. We were able to go up to Silver City in Idaho, and are now in the mountains here in Jackson, California. What beautiful country!
    August-ThunderMountain-0029 Justin and Krista on the Mountain

  10. Having two Church homes that really love and support what we are doing.

    We our very blessed to not only have two church homes, but two church families that love and care for us and the mission God has called us to.

  11. Having some time to be able to see Mekaela play some Volleyball

    Being in Houston for the last two years, we have not had the opportunity to see my sister play any volleyball. It was great to see her play some summer league while we were in Idaho.

  12. Getting Visa’s for 2 years

    We had heard that getting a two year visa was very rare, and that usually they only give you a one year visa, however through prayer and persistent asking, we did end up with two year visas.  This allowed us to take out a few hundred dollars in fees from our budget.


Author: Justin

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