Eleven things my father taught me

Happy Fathers day from Ecuador. I hope that all the fathers out their had an especially wonderful Sunday. This post has a few of the things my father taught me growing up.

  1. Faith – Faithful Discipline in seeking out God’s will through daily devotion and prayer
  2. Sharing  – Sharing God’s love and peace with others.
    Eric and Ministry
  3. Trust – Trust in God’s plan and his direction even in uncertainty .
    Eric on a Cruise
  4. Grace – Grace to admit when I don’t know.
  5. Humility – Humility to accept others opinion and not flaunt status, position, title, or education.
    Eric in Education
  6. Humor  – To laugh at myself and encourage others through laughter.
    Eric in Travel
  7. Respect – Giving respect to my elders, and those in position above me.
    Eric BnW
  8. Courage –  To be courageous and different and challenge the status quo.
    Eric the model
  9. Appetite – To eat everything under the sun regardless of smell or appearance.
  10. Technology – To love and utilize technology to its full extent (tech nerd).
    Eric in Tech
  11. Love – Love for family and friends
    Eric with Family

Happy Fathers Day!


Author: Justin

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