10 Things I Miss about the USA

In the end of August, Justin and I will be traveling back to the States for a time to see family and friends as well as some vacation and two weddings. For me, it will be the first time back to the States since last September when we arrived in Quito. As you can probably guess, I am super excited and would therefore like to list in order from least to greatest, my top ten things I have missed in the USA.

10. Thai Food
Though we have explored a lot, we have still yet to find a legitimate Thai food restaurant.

9. Using my credit card
In my last few years in the USA, I can hardly remember a time where I had to use cash. In fact, I can hardly remember ever having cash in my wallet. Here we are lucky that our credit cards are not completely obsolete, but for most all purchases small bills or coins are needed.

8. Driving a car
I have not driven a car since September 10,2014

7. Understanding 100% of what is going on
I can communicate in Spanish and overall function, but I am never able to catch everything. I think it is going to be a huge culture shock when I come back to the States and I can understand everyone who is talking around me and to me.

6. Quiet Nights
I grew up in the country where the loudest thing I could hear at night was a toss up between my dad’s snoring and the crickets outside. Here in a city of 2 million, my neighbor has five dogs and people like to use their car horns at all hours of the day and night. The best nights are the nights where fireworks go off for hours outside our window (If you want to see a spectacular fire work show, just come visit at New Years and you can see them all from our balcony).

5. Flushing the toilet paper down the toilet
Yes, so as my parents rudely found out when they visited we do have to throw toilet paper into the trash.

4. The ability to breathe
Though this may be a bit of an exaggeration, I still get winded after climbing up my stairs every night because being at 9,000 feet altitude is no joke.

3. Tapatio hot sauce
The sweet tree tomato hot sauce Justin buys here just is not the same.

2. Vietnamese Food
I have to be honest and say I thought about putting this as number 1 but I figured a few people would be offended (cough, cough my mother). Really, though I think I would chop off my left pinkie toe for a Bánh mì sandwich and a bubble tea or a spring roll.

1. My friends and family from back home
We have met some amazing people down here, but it can’t beat the crazy family and friends who I get to see in August.


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